Can You Use a Furnace Filter as an Air Filter? - An Expert's Guide

Many people mistakenly assume that air conditioner and furnace filters are different, but this is not the case. In reality, the same filter is used for both pieces of equipment. All & furnace heat pumps have filters, while other heating systems such as boilers do not. The furnace filter acts as a barrier to trap dust and debris that enter through the return duct, protecting the boiler and keeping the air cleaner.

It is essential to remember that the filter should be changed regularly to guarantee it is performing its vital function and circulating clean air. The filter can be referred to as a boiler filter in winter and an air conditioning filter in summer. It is important to note that using a furnace filter as an air filter can damage your oven. Without an air filter, more dust and debris will reach the main components of the heating system, causing damage to the coils, fan motor, and more.

Additionally, without an air filter, the boiler won't work efficiently, resulting in higher heating bills. The basic functionality of a furnace filter is almost identical to that of an air conditioning filter, except that it applies to “hot air” instead of “cooled air”. If you suffer from allergies, it is recommended to replace the filter with one with a MERV rating of 11 or 12 to reduce potential allergens in your home. Disposable oven or air filters cannot be washed and must be discarded after use. It is also important to visually inspect the filter every month to prevent clogging due to heavy use. Not doing so can lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ), which can contribute to a decline in overall air quality and a more serious health hazard for those with mold allergies. The air filter can be found in a slot above or below the air conditioning unit, or just behind your home's return grilles.

It is essential to find the right size air filter for your oven, as others will be too small or too large to effectively clean the air stream of harmful particles. This is especially true for homes in areas with extreme winter weather such as New England. In conclusion, using a furnace filter as an air filter can be dangerous and should be avoided. It is important to remember that changing your furnace filter regularly will help keep your home's air clean and free from allergens and other harmful particles. Additionally, it is essential to find the right size air filter for your oven so that it can effectively clean the air stream of harmful particles.

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