How Long Does an Air Filter Last? - A Guide to Replacing Your Air Filter

When it comes to air filters, the average lifespan is three months. However, this number can vary depending on the type, size, and use of the filter. For instance, larger HEPA filters such as the Amaircare 3000 can last up to five years under the right conditions, while pleated air filters (like those from FilterBuy) should be changed every 90 days. Carbon filters usually last between three and five years.

If someone in your home has allergies, you may need to replace the filter more often. The average lifespan of a Honeywell air filter is three months, but this can vary depending on the type of oven and how often it is used. If your air conditioning system is running for longer than usual or you notice dust in your indoor air, it's time to change your filter. HEPA filters use thin layers of porous material to capture small particles in the air, while carbon filters capture gaseous impurities such as odors and VOCs.

To ensure your home's indoor air quality and strengthen your air conditioning system's defenses, it's important to replace your air filter regularly. If you can't replace the filter for an extended period of time, it won't cause irreparable damage to your system. However, if you don't change the filter, your system may be at risk of system failure. Indoor air pollution is a real problem and can be easily mitigated by taking simple steps such as changing the air filter regularly. To stay comfortable during hot summers and cold winters, you must ensure excellent maintenance of your air conditioning system - including changing the filter when necessary.

By constantly replacing air filters, you will improve your home's indoor air quality and protect your system from potential damage.

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